Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling Speakers and small Wall Mountable Surround Speakers. DIY installation or get your local electrician or tradie to install them for you.

We at CSV audiovisual also offer an installation service.

We have many different brands of speakers to choose from, including EARTH QUAKE, VENTURI, WHARFEDALE, INDESIGN, POSH, Plus more.

Ceiling speakers are ideal for Home Thertre Surround Sound, utilising your ceiling space and leaving your valuable floor-space clear and uncluttered.

They look great and sound amazing. Most speakers can be painted to suit your ceiling colour.

While applications vary, the general rule for mounting placement of ceiling speakers is to place them the same distance apart from each other as what the floor-to-ceiling height is.

If your application calls for background music or paging only you may decide to lengthen the distance a bit between speakers.

By contrast, if your needs are for teaching as in a classroom application, you’ll probably want to shorten the distance between speakers.

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