Tripod Projector Screens

Portable Tripod Projector Screens.

All screens are fitted within a high quality metal cassette finished in either black or white and have high quality matt white material with black borders.

The material is black backed preventing light bleeding through if positioned in front of a window. Integrated carrying handle and ‘keystone’ bracket included.

Tripod Projector Screens are designed for daily ease of use and portability.

Simply retract the screen into the casing, lower the upper adjustable shaft, fold up the tripod legs/base, and pivot the screen casing to create a single unit that’s easily transported via the carrying handle.

Tripod projector screen also features a built-in keystone eliminator in the upper shaft, which allows the screen to tilt forward in multiple increments, in order to compensate for angled tabletop projection setups.

If being used outdoors, we recommend additional restraints to be added and use only during ideal outdoor weather conditions.

Tripod Projector Screens are constructed with a circular lightweight steel casing and plastic end-caps to avoid possible transportation damage.

The attractive white or black powder coated exterior will blend into any room where it’s displayed, to create a professional presentation.

The matte white screen surface can be easily and safely cleaned with mild soap and water. Do not use any other stronger chemical cleaners, as this may negatively affect the projection surface.

The fabric surface is also flame retardant and mildew resistant.

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