AKG DHTTD5 Tetrad Wireless Microphone


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A Digital Wireless Microphone System DMS Tetrad, developed by AKG for professionals to work without a license and legally anywhere in the world with total quality and safety.

LICENCE FREE OPERATION WORLDWIDE; for Live Sound, Club Music, Conferences, Presentation, Seminars and Installations.

The DHTTetrad is a professional digital wireless handheld transmitter for worldwide, license-free operation. With 24bit, 48kHz audio coding, it provides uncompressed studio-quality transmission and a linear frequency response. It is available in two versions, with D5 or P5 dynamic capsule, perfect for uncompromising vocal performances. 128-bit AES standard encryption prevents tapping of the audio signal, which makes it a perfect companion for high-security conferences.

The DHTTetrad provides digital diversity and an out-of-range warning function to ensure a stable and drop-free signal within the entire operating area. A high/low input gain switch allows optimum level adjustment for clear, distortion-free signals.

AKG DHTTD5 Tetrad Wireless Microphone

With its encoding uncompressed audio, 24 bits/48kHz. DMSTetrad delivers studio-quality sound and a linear frequency response to avoid compromising the vocal and instrumental performances. Its 128-bit AES encryption to prevent illegal taking of the audio signal, especially suitable for use in conventions and corporate events.

Supercardioid capsule

Gain switch high/low level

Auto power off function

Low battery warning

Max. 100 mW RF-output power


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