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A Digital Wireless Microphone System DMS Tetrad, developed by AKG for professionals to work without a license and legally anywhere in the world with total quality and safety.

In the world of pro audio, AKG microphones and headsets have been synonymous with excellence for several decades. Around the world recording studios, radio and TV stations, opera houses and famous stages count on AKG products. Internationally known musicians and show-stars have frequently been seen using our high-quality microphones and headphones for many decades. Today AKG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality microphones, headphones and wireless-equipment.

The AKG DMS Tetrad Vocal Set can run 4 channels simultaneously, under ideal circumstances, provided that Line of Sight is given and that there is no interference in the 2.4 GHz frequency range (e.g. mobile phones, wifi). With the AKG DMS Tetrad, up to 8 channels can be operated. Most competitors publish higher channel counts, but realistically these setups hardly work out in reality. When interference in the 2.4 GHz range is expected, the user can set the interference protection to MID or HIGH.

With its encoding uncompressed audio, 24 bits/48kHz. DMSTetrad delivers studio-quality sound and a linear frequency response to avoid compromising the vocal and instrumental performances. Its 128-bit AES encryption to prevent illegal taking of the audio signal, especially suitable for use in conventions and corporate events.

AKG DMS Tetrad Vocal Set

with 2.4GHz DMS based on the static receiver DSR Tetrad Digital Stationary Receiver and DHT handheld transmitter. Tetrad Digital Handheld Transmitter (Wireless Microphone), is available with high-end dynamic D5 capsule or a standard P5.

The AKG DMS Tetrad Vocal Set system have two sets available: AKG DMS Tetrad Vocal Set, which includes the DSR Tetrad receiver and handheld transmitter DHT Tetrad P5, and DMS Tetrad Performer Set, Tetrad with DSR receiver, bodypack transmitter DPT Tetrad, C111 microphone head L and MKG L instrument cable.

One advantage of this system is its easy and quick configuration. Tetrad DSR receiver can work with up to four channels of audio in parallel, which can directly mix the balanced XLR output. The dynamic frequency selection (DFS) of the AKG DMS Tetrad Vocal Set, ensures that only automatically frequency bands cleaner for connection between transmitters and receivers are selected. The transmission is very solid and free of ‘drops’.


Frequency range: Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) in the 2.4 GHz ISM band.

RF output power: 100 mW max.

Encryption: 128-bit AES.

Streaming audio: Digital uncompressed 48 kHz/24-bit.

Audio Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz (± 3 dB).

Dimensions (Receiver): 19 “standard.

Maximum number of channels: 4.

Protection against interference: Termination.


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