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The AKG DMS800 Vocal Set is a reference digital wireless system available for Band1.

The set includes the DSR800 reference two-channel digital wireless receiver, a pair of DHT800 wireless handheld transmitters, and a choose of three microphone heads, a D7, C5 or D5.

The AKG DMS800 Vocal Set receiver provides an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to 150MHz for reliable and versatile operation, while the DHT800 transmitters deliver durability, easy handling and dependability. The set’s choose of condenser or dynamic microphone heads are ideal for any lead vocals because of their ability to create the subtle and open sound while also delivering a powerful clear resonance. Rounding out the set is a pair of stand adapters for the DHT800 transmitters.

AKG DMS800 Vocal Set

The DHT800 reference digital wireless handheld transmitters, (Microphone) for use with the DSR800 DUAL RECEIVER, feature a robust and slim metal body for durability and easy handling. They offers a new level of flexibility with interchangeable microphone heads – users can choose from among the AKG D5 WL1, D7 WL1 or the C5 WL1.

The DHT800 provides an ultra-wide bandwidth of 150MHz and a selectable radio output power of 10-50mW (depending on frequency band). A built-in helix antenna provides reliable wireless audio transmission, while state-of-the-art 512-bit encryption technology secures the audio signal against tapping. For additional flexibility, the mute switch can be set to operate as the power switch.

Robust metal housing,features rugged and reliable construction.

Built-in helix antenna provides optimized signal strength with switchable RF power

D5 WL1, D7 WL1 or C5 WL1 microphone heads available to accommodate the full range styles and applications

Two-hour quick charging by standard rechargeable NiMH batteries charged via integrated contacts

Quick and easy setup via infrared communication.

Microphone Heads

The D7 WL1 reference dynamic vocal microphone head creates the subtle and opened sound of a condenser capsule with the powerful resonance of a dynamic microphone. The patented dual layer Varimotion™ diaphragms can vibrate unhindered which results in an extraordinary crisp and clean sound. The unique laminated material damps high resonance peaks in the frequency response. In combination with the tight, supercardioid polar pattern enables the D7?s outstanding high gain before feedback.

The D5 WL1 premium dynamic vocal microphone head for lead and backing vocals delivers a powerful sound even on the noisiest stage. Its frequency independent super-cardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback. The D5 WL1 stands for a crisp sound that cuts through every mix. It is designed to fit the HT 4500 handheld transmitter.

The C535 WL1 reference handheld condenser vocal microphone head is a classic legendary microphone that we did “our way”. It provides the ultimate combination of excellent, highly detailed audio and exceptional ruggedness. The C353 WL1 microphone head brings this classic sound to the wireless world. It is designed to fit the HT4500 handheld transmitter.


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