AKG Wireless Headset PW45PTHA



The AKG Wireless Headset PW45PTHA Sports Set – Belt Pack Wireless Microphone System.

Diversity, 30MHz bandwidth, eight select-able fixed frequencies. Incl. C544L Head-set mic. Microphones ending with ‘L’ (miniXLR) are compatible.

The Perception Wireless Sports Set delivers brilliant sound and is surprisingly easy to use. The included PT45 body-pack transmitter is the smallest and lightest transmitter in its class.

The AKG Wireless Headset PW45PTHA Sports Set System delivers quality, reliable wireless transmission, flexible features and intuitive controls. The AKG WMS470 Sports Set consists of the SR470 diversity receiver, PT470 bodypack transmitter and C544L head-set microphone (BAND A 530-560 MHz). The AKG C544L head-set microphone features a rugged headband that wraps behind the neck. Its moisture shield protects the cardioid element from perspiration and humidity, making it an ideal choice for aerobics instruction, coaches and more.

Automatic setup allows for quick and easy configuration to those who are less familiar with operating wireless microphone / instrument systems. Infrared sync between the transmitter and receiver allows for remote channel syncing. The transmitter omits 50mW of output power, is lightweight and operates for up to 14 hours on a single AA (lithium) battery. Additional features include all-metal receiver construction, balanced and unbalanced audio outputs.

AKG Wireless Headset PW45PTHA


30MHz tuning range

Half 19″ all metal case diversity receiver

Automatic setup function designed for less experienced operators

8 pre-programmed frequencies

Pilot Tone prevents unexpected start-up noise

Infrared link of all frequency and setup data to the transmitter

Transmitter battery status monitoring

Programmable warning functions using a two-colour display back-lighting to indicate critical operation conditions

Compatible with WMS4500 antenna splitters


Power Supply

AA LR6 Battery

C544L Rugged Head-set Microphone

2 x BNC UHF Antennas

RMU 4000 1U Rack Mount Kit

Terminal Connector for Locking the On-Mute/PRG-Off switch

1 Year Warranty


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