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Building on it’s predecessor the db Technologies Opera 710DX speaker, now has an improved power output of 33%, and it delivers even more performance in an even lighter cabinet. The end user is able to set the Opera 710DX up as a stand-alone full-range enclosure or in combination with subwoofers or as a floor wedge or a powerful DJ system. Whatever you choose to do with it, you will find-out that the OPERA 710DX out-standing performance transforms the ordinary 10″/1″ system into something extraordinary.

Who would have thought that such a compact speaker could provide such amazing sound pressure, bass response, and high-definition audio.
Featuring a digiproG2 power amp with 700 watts of output power, digipro® technology synchronizes power stages and control circuits, creating an intelligent, responsive protection and supervision system. The db Technologies Opera 710DX was engineered to exceed expectations.

db Technologies Opera 710DX

An integrated processor controls the ongoing interaction between the audio signal, switched-mode power supply, and PWM output stages, and processes key information concerning the status of the internal signal flow from the input to the speakers. The digipro® monitors impedance and shuts down in case of short-circuit. Thermal limiters attenuate performance if the unit runs hot and the Peak and RMS limiters protects the speaker.


Speaker Type: 2-Way Active Speaker

Frequency Response [-10dB]: 61 – 20.000 Hz

Frequency Response [+/- 3dB]: 70 – 19.000 Hz

Max SPL: 127 dB

HF: 1 ”

Type HF: Compression driver

Directivity: 80/65 x 60 °

Horn: Asymmetrical CD Horn

LF: 10 ”

Amp Technology: digipro®G2

Amp Class: Class D

Power PRG: 700 Watt

Controller: DSP 24bit/48kHz

System Presets: Flat, Processed

Limiter: Dual Active Peak, RMS, Thermal

Housing: Polyporpylen PP

Angles Up: Monitor use 43 °

Width: 343 mm Height: 553 mm Depth: 304 mm
Weight: 11.6 kg


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