Wireless Microphone AKG WMS4500


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Wireless Microphone AKG WMS4500 AKG WMS4500 Handheld Wireless System Includes, HT4500 handheld transmitter, SR4500 receiver, and D5WL1 premium Microphone capsule.

In this package, the Wireless Microphone AKG WMS4500 comes coupled with the D5WL1 capsule, which is the same capsule from the AKG D5 wired handheld micrphone.

The Wireless Microphone AKG WMS4500 is designed to accurately capture vocals for lectures, performances, rehearsals and more.

The integrated high-pass filter is designed to eliminate handling noise and the humbucking coil helps reduce unwanted hum. There is also a metal dust filter, designed to protect the capsule from contamination that could potentially change the sound.

The dual thickness AKG “Varimotion” diaphragm is intended to deliver accurate response in all frequency ranges.

Also, the diaphragm is laminated to dampen high resonance peaks in the frequency response. This, in combination with the tight super-cardioid polar pattern, help the microphone achieve maximum gain before feedback.

The SR4500 is a true diversity UHF receiver that is designed to provide maximum ease of use and a wide range of functions.

A large, backlit color display and a jog wheel are in place to make the SR4500 easy to use, and a programmable LED ring indicates important system parameters at a glance.

The SR4500’s transmitter battery life readout is designed for accuracy, which is especially useful in live sound applications. The SR4500 receives a pilot tone from the transmitter which contains status data including the remaining battery capacity.

The pilot tone decoder also allows the detection and display of other important information including the current position of the transmitter’s MUTE switch.

The SR4500 also features Auto Setup and Environment Scan functions which automatically analyze the local RF environment, find usable frequency groups, and set frequencies. The optional HUB4000 Q integrates the SR4500 into the HiQnet audio networking system.

Wireless Microphone AKG WMS4500

True diversity receiver housed in all-metal case
Supercardioid mic capsule with patented AKG laminated Varimotion diaphragm and hum compensation coil
30 MHz wide UHF band, with up to 1,200 selectable frequencies
Using several frequency bands allows up to 70 channels to be operated simultaneously
Pilot tone transmission for transmitter battery status monitoring and tone code squelch
Auto Setup, Environment Scan, and Rehearsal functions for quick and easy setup
Backlit, programmable colour display and jog wheel
Output for controlling external devices on receiver
Integrated data interface for controlling and monitoring from a PC via System Architect software with optional HUB4000
Transmitter Up to 50mW RF Output
Auto Setup and Environment Scan
HT4500 operates for up to 15 hours on AA batteries, 12 hours on optional BP 4000 battery pack
Interchangeable capsule module for quick and easy service

SR 4500 Rack Mount True Diversity UHF Receiver
HT 4500 Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter
D5WL1 D5 Microphone Capsule for WMS 4500
Microphone Stand Adapter
19″ Rack Mount kit
2 x LR6 Batteries
2 x Antennas
Limited 1-Year Warranty


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