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Vogels TV Mounting Bracket. Buy from CSV audiovisual in Alexandria

Mounting Your TV Safely and Securely

Mounting Your TV Safely and Securely. Recently a customer asked me about the price to install a Vogel’s swing-out wall mount TV bracket on a wall in his home and attach a NEW 65″ TV he had just purchased.

The Vogel’s Bracket in question is one of the biggest swing-out brackets Vogel’s make and can be tricky to install. However, I could only provide a rough estimate of the cost involved sight unseen, as it can take several hours to install the bracket and attach the TV, safely and securely. The customer advised my estimated quote of $500 – $800 was beyond his budget.

A week or so later he returned to pick up items he had ordered from me and I asked how he went with his TV installation.

He looked at me glumly and said the installer smashed the TV and managed to rip open a gaping hole in the wall of his living room when attempting to mount the bracket. The cost to repair the wall and replace the TV was going to run into the thousands.

Apparently he found the ‘installer’ from one of those “tasker” websites, where you can post a job you would like done.

The ‘installer’ had fastened the TV bracket directly onto the plasterboard (Gyprock) wall. The Vogel’s bracket in question weighs approximately 14kg, with the TV attached, the whole assembly could weigh up to 30kg.

Plasterboard may be fine for mounting pictures, small speakers or light-weight hooks and hangers, however its definitely not a good material for fastening heavy equipment to, unless it has been reinforced.

I would estimate the force applied to the bracket’s anchor point on the wall could double when the bracket is extended with the TV attached.

Mounting Your TV Safely and Securely

In conclusion, if I had inspected this job beforehand, I would have advised the customer the wall required reinforcement and the use of a flat bracket that doesn’t have the swing-out feature.

For professional installation of your audiovisual equipment contact me at CSV Audiovisual today on 1300 130 260 and avoid gaping holes in your wall and your budget.


Large LED Screens for Hire

Large LED Display Screen

CSV audiovisual have teamed up with MegaLed Technology, one of the largest LED Screen
manufacturer in China. We now can offer our customers the latest range of Large LED
Screen Displays, either for permanent installations or for hire in the Sydney Region.

Screen sizes start from 1mts x 2mts all the way up to 3mts x 7mts. LED Displays are now
becoming more affordable for large signage, display boards, video screens and corporate
event media.

Large LED Display Screens offer the most eye-catching of all display media. They are super bright, have rich colours and present striking visuals, especially in locations that have traditional static signage displays, LED Displays really create impact.

LED or “Light Emitting Diode” is a “Semi-Conductor” are coated in plastic to form small bulbs. The plastic bulb, or shells acts as a diffusing lens, allowing light to be emitted at a much higher angle of incidence from the light cone than the bare “Semi-Conductor” chip is able to emit alone. The LED emits light when a suitable voltage is applied to it. The energy is released in the form of Photons, this is called “electroluminescence”, the colour of the light emitted from the diode equates to the amount of energy released by the photons.


LED Panels Front and Rear


Early LED’s were often used as indicator lights “ON” or “STAND-BY” for electronic devices, replacing small incandescent bulbs, which were usually bigger and prone to breakage.

Large LED Display Screens

Today’s LED Screens are light-weight but robust and use very little electrical power, making them extremely economical, even when used 24/7. Each LED globe has a life of around 100,000 hours offering years and years of daily use.

Large LED Screen Displays don’t start out that way. Large screens are built-up from smaller sections and slot together to form any size screen you want in the required location.

LED Screen are now used for signage at Sporting Events, Video Screens in Stadiums, Road-Side Displays, Big Concert Venues, Horse Race Tracks, the applications for Large LED Screen Displays are now endless.

CSV audiovisual 




INTRODUCTION TO SONOS PLAY:1 SPEAKER brought to you by Joe, from CSV audiovisual. CLICK HERE to watch it now. 

Start with the SONOS PLAY1, add more over time to fill your home with music.Stream your entire music library, popular music services, and internet radio.
Simple to set-up and can be controlled from anywhere in the home, with your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac.

You can then tune in to over 100,000 internet radio stations; stream from services such as MOD, SONGL, Spotify, Rdio, Napster,, plus lots more. (some require a small monthly subscription fee) You can also access music stored locally on your device or home network, like on a NAS device, for example. Whatever you choose to listen to can then be streamed to other Sonos speakers around the house, or you can play different tracks in different rooms. And it’s all easily controllable via the app.


Getting Set-up and Running: This is very easy, as with any other piece of Sonos gear. For best results I would suggest that you have at least a fast ADSL2 Internet connection, a Wi-Fi modem router and a SONOS BRIDGE. (The SONOS PLAY:1 can be connected directly to the Net via ethernet, the cable comes supplied with the unit)Download the SONOS Software or APP, once installed SONOS will guide you through the set-up procedure.

LOOKS: You only have to handle the Sonos Play:1 to know it’s a quality product. It’s very solid and heavier than you may think. The rounded shape and seamless steel grille, is a very classy design. The power connection is hidden on the bottom of the unit and an ethernet input on the back.

The SONOS PLAY:1 comes in either White or Black.

VOGELS WALL3245 TV Mounting Bracket

Pro Installer Tip for Installing Vogels TV Bracket

Pro Installer Tip for Installing Vogel’s TV Bracket.

When purchasing and installing a new TV wall bracket, take into consideration your AV inter-connect cables and the length of cables you will need.

Modern flat screen TVs these days only come with a short power cable. We find when mounting TVs on the wall that the supplied power cord is useless, unless the power point is behind or near, to where the TV is to be mounted.

Remember that when purchasing a swing-out style bracket, like the Vogel’s THIN345, you may need to include a new longer power cord of at least 3 or 5 meters for your TV. The longer cord will allow the bracket to extend with-out damaging or disconnecting the cord.

Now the same goes for the AV interconnect cables. Make sure that they too are long enough to complete the job, professionally.
You may not be able to use your existing AV cables if your TV was mounted on a cabinet, with your DVD Play, Foxtel Box, etc, near-by to your TV.

Another common mistake we see is; mounting of the TV too high on the wall. We suggest that you sit on your couch and determine the optimum height of the TV, don’t judge the height whilst standing. Also installing a TV above a fireplace or heater, is probably not the best location.

This will shorten the life of your expensive TV, because as you know, heat rises and with a TV being directly over a heating device, the electronics with-in the television will “cook” over time, making circuit boards brittle and components unstable, which will make them prone to failure.

Vogels TV Mounting Bracket. Buy from CSV audiovisual in Alexandria

Vogel’s TV Mounting Bracket Specialist

Vogel’s TV Mounting Bracket Specialist

CSV audiovisual are Vogel’s AV Bracket and Mounts Specialist.

We have been selling and installing Quality Vogel’s Brackets for over twelve years.
Over that time we have seen Vogel’s continued innovation and commitment to AV mounting solutions. Pro Installer TIP

With the introduction of flat screen televisions over the last fifteen years, Vogel’s have been constantly developing more innovative and user friendly brackets for all situations. Their new THIN Series takes into account the new HD LED Screen technology which is producing thinner and thinner TV screens.

Vogel’s brackets are manufactured to exacting specifications and engineered to last. We have seen at first hand what can happen when a cheap TV bracket is used to install a TV, especially a swing-out style bracket. We have witness these cheap and nasty brackets bend and flex under the weight of the television, I have even seen brackets move and sway from the air from an air conditioning unit. How you could watch the TV while the screen is moving about is beyond me.

If you want a solid, trouble free TV mounting solution, I can highly recommend Vogel’s AV Bracket and Mounts, It’s what we Professional use.

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Speakers

The Diamond 11 Series comprises eight models: three floor-standers (Diamond 11.3, 11.4 and 11.5) three bookshelf/standmount models (Diamond 11.0, 11.1 and 11.2), and two centre-channels (Diamond 11.CC and 11.CS).

The Diamond 11 Series drivers have improved baskets that leave a greater open area behind the cones while maintaining the baskets’ rigidity.

Magnetic strengths have also been lifted to increase sensitivity and ensure better control over cone movement at lower frequencies. In addition, the Series 11 designs use specially shaped single-forged pole pieces with copper caps to better-control magnetic flux.

The new lightweight foam surrounds, in conjunction with super-long-throw voice coils, are claimed to deliver extended mid-range response compared to previous versions. The Diamond 11 continues to use the woven Kevlar cone that has featured on Diamond designs for many years.