LARGE LED DISPLAYS for Hire in Sydney.

We can deliver and set-up the LED Display or LED Wall at your event.

Are you looking for a visual display that is so intensely bright it can overcome direct sunlight?

Our LED screen rentals are now an easy and affordable high end solution. LED Walls are customisable for size and shape to help you meet your needs and your budget, but more importantly they help you make the most of your next event.

Contact us with the details of your event and we will provide you with a Firm Quote.

Large LED Displays, are NOW the preferred media for eye-catching media displays. Supermarkets, Shopping Precincts, Trade Shows, Sporting Events and on Roadside Displays etc, the use of Large LED Displays is rising rapidly

What does LED stand for? Why is it called LED screens? Well, LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes.

A LED is a small bulb that is unlike an ordinary electric bulb.

A LED light is devoid of a wire filaments and there for generate little heat and is more efficient then a incandescent light bulb.

They also have a comparatively longer life span than the ordinary electric bulb, well over 20,000 hours. Ordinary bulbs use electricity in heating the filament and creating light.

But in the LED, there is no heating required to create light, using less power.

Also Our MOBILE OUTDOOR LED SCREENS have the latest LED screen technology. The screens are fixed to a MOBILE TRAILER chassis, which can be used in a wide variety of outdoor or indoor events.

We can deliver and set-up one of our mobile trailer LED Screens at you function or events. Just give us a call or EMAIL US NOW for details.

One thought on “LARGE LED DISPLAYS

  1. Good Morning,

    We are looking at hiring a LED Outdoor Screen to host the AFL Grand Final at our engagement party,

    Can you please advise what screen will be best for an audience of 15o people.

    Please send through costs for all travel, set up and hire.
    2pm – 6pm (4 Hours)

    Location: Camden

    Thank you

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