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Mounting Your TV Safely and Securely

Recently a customer asked me about the price to install a Vogel’s swing-out wall mount TV bracket on a wall in his home and attach a NEW 65″ TV he had just purchased.

The Vogel’s Bracket in question is one of the biggest swing-out brackets Vogel’s make and can be tricky to install. I could only provide a rough estimate of the cost involved sight unseen, as it can take several hours to install the bracket and attach the TV, safely and securely. The customer advised my estimated quote of $500 – $800 was beyond his budget.

A week or so later he returned to pick up items he had ordered from me and I asked how he went with his TV installation. He looked at me glumly and said the installer smashed the TV and managed to rip open a gaping hole in the wall of his living room when attempting to mount the bracket. The cost to repair the wall and replace the TV was going to run into the thousands.

Apparently he found the ‘installer’ from one of those “tasker” websites, where you can post a job you would like done. The ‘installer’ had fastened the TV bracket directly onto the plasterboard (Gyprock) wall. The Vogel’s bracket in question weighs approximately 14kg, with the TV attached, the whole assembly could weigh up to 30kg. Plasterboard may be fine for mounting pictures, small speakers or light-weight hooks and hangers, however is definitely not good for fastening heavy equipment to, unless it has been reinforced.

I would estimate the force applied to the bracket’s anchor point on the wall could double when the bracket is extended with the TV attached. If I had inspected this job beforehand, I would have advised the customer the wall required reinforcement and the use of a flat bracket that doesn’t have the swing-out feature.

For professional installation of your audiovisual equipment contact me at CSV Audiovisual today on 1300 130 260 and avoid gaping holes in your wall and your budget.

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