Home Theatre Amplifiers

Home Theatre Amplifiers for your Home Theatre surround sound.

The main feature attraction of home theatre amplifiers for most consumers is the ability to provide a surround sound listening experience.

Inclusion of the various surround sound formats also dictate how many channels a home theatre receiver may be equipped with.
This can range from a minimum of five to as many as eleven.

Although not always included in the more inexpensive home theatre receivers.

New mid-range and high-end home theatre receivers provide a built-in automatic speaker setup system utilizing a built-in test tone generator and special plug-in microphone.

HDMI Connectivity

is provided on all current home theatre receivers. HDMI can pass both audio and video signals through a single cable.

Depending on how HDMI is incorporated, access to HDMI’s capabilities may be limited.

Lower priced receivers incorporate pass-through HDMI switching. This allows the connection of HDMI cables into the receiver and provides an HDMI output connection for a TV.

The receiver can’t access the video or audio portions of the HDMI signal for further processing.

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