AIRO Height Adjustable Desk




The AIRO height adjustable desk has a unique patented lift design that does not require any electric power or manual crank handle.

Simply press the lift handle and quickly raise or lower the desk to your desired sit/stand height.

No power point – not a problem now you can situate your desk wherever you want in the room and as many as you require.

AIRO Height Adjustable Desk

Ideal for classrooms, workstations or personal office.

The 1500 (Code AIR015) and 1800 (Code AIR018) variants are available just as frames and you can add your own top if you prefer.

This can be an AIRO top as in the options. These are pre-drilled so they bolt straight on.

If you prefer more colour flexibility and a more economical option you can select a 1500mm x 750mm top or an 1800mm x 900mm top from our Desk & Table Tops Page

As a third option, you can supply and fit your own top.

NOTE: The AIRO AIR1200 is a complete desk, ready to use once assembled from the box and features unique silver aluminium profile desktop front edge, price $735.

Other model have options, such as your choice of desk top size, desk screens and pinboards.

AIRO Height Adjustable Desk

Stylish and efficient, safe and versatile
Unique patented lift mechanism
1200mm desk features unique silver aluminium profile desktop front edge
1200mm desk features T-Leg feet with rear wheel
1500mm and 1800mm desks feature T-Leg feet and radius ABS edging
No messy cables or power point required
No slow crank handles or electric motors
Height adjustable from 700mm x 1130mm

AIRO Height Adjustable Desk

When ordering refer to these item codes below.

Code                                              Description                                                    Size (mm)

AIR1200             1200mm white top and aluminium bull nose        1160 x 700
AIR015                1500mm Desk/Table. No top                                        1471 x 700
AIR018                1800mm Table No top                                                      1771 x 700

AIRO Separate Desktop
TAB150          White top. Edge band. Rounded corners                  1500 x 700 x 23
TAB180          White top. Edge band. Rounded corners                  1800 x 800 x 23

AIRO Desk Screen
ADS120         White aluminium frame, black pinnable
surface, removable whiteboard                                                                 1200 x 370
ADS150         White aluminium Desk Screen with black
pinnable surface                                                                                                 1500 x 370
ADS180        White aluminium Desk Screen with
black pinnable surface                                                                                    1800 x 370

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