Alphason SONOS PLAY3 SLIM Mounting Bracket




Alphason SONOS PLAY3 SLIM Mounting Bracket.

Whichever way you wish to mount your SONOS PLAY:1, either vertically or horizontally, the Alphason Super Slim Wall Mount is the perfect solution. using only high quality materials to ensure a robust build quality, and with its vibration proof design the SONOS PLAY:3 super slim bracket is a secure product you can trust.

Alphason SONOS PLAY3 SLIM Mounting Bracket

New Ultra slim, low profile design
SONOS PLAY:3 slimline – Fixed position allows the Play:3 to utilise its wide angle tweeters and woofers for optimum sound quality
Cable management, High quality materials used to ensure robust build quality
Vibration proof design
Available in black or white

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