Earthquake 8 Inch Reference Series Ceiling Speaker


The low-profile housing is designed to be easy to install with cutout templates for the exact sizing for the ceiling cut-out.


The newly redesigned Earthquake 8 Inch Reference Series Ceiling Speaker, maintain their balance of high quality audio and affordability while giving the added bonus of high end visual aesthetics.

The  Edgeless design gives a sleek, high end discrete look while maintaining Earthquake Sound’s innovative technology that is unmatched in today’s market.

Featuring polypropylene woofer cones, the Earthquake 8 Inch Reference Series Ceiling Speaker increases durability and low distortion.

Each speaker comes equipped with swiveling tweeters that can be aimed at the direction of the listener for better sound staging.

The new edgeless design, of the Earthquake 8 Inch Reference Series Ceiling Speaker, paired with the paintable, magnetically attached grilles, allow customization to seamlessly blend your speakers in with any decor.


Edgeless RCS in-ceiling speakers are designed to be flush mounted in walls or ceilings. To optimise their acoustics you should follow these simple guidelines.

For the best stereo reproduction the speakers should be placed at equal distance from your listening position and separated, so that the angle between them is between 40-60°.

The units should be placed with the tweeters angled toward the ear level of the seated listener.



Edgeless design for seamless blend
1-inch silk dome swivel NEO tweeter
Bumped back basket for high speaker excursion
Wider surround for deeper bass and higher speaker excursion
12 dB/ Octave filter network crossover
Thermal tweeter protection
Custom compact spring loaded terminals
Easy to use Turn N Lock installation mechanism
Paintable rust-resistant grille
Overall diameter(with grille): 10-5/8″ (270mm)
Cut out diameter: 9-1/2″(240mm)
Mounting depth: 4-9/16″(116mm)


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