Flexson SONOS PLAY3 Mounting Stand




The Flexson SONOS PLAY3 Mounting Stand is perfect for your SONOS PLAY:3 Speakers when incorporated into your Surround Sound Home Cinema set-up with the SONOS PLAYBAR and SUB.

Enjoy your favorite music by positioning your SONOS PLAY3 Speakers at the correct listening height whilst relaxing in your comfy arm chair.

Flexson SONOS PLAY3 Mounting Stand

Secure speaker fitting provides a safe fastening for your SONOS PLAY3 to the stand.

The stand allows easy routing of the power cable through the the stands column.

Made in a powder coated finish to ensure correct match to your SONOS PLAY3 speakers.

Flexson SONOS PLAY3 Mounting Stand. Buy singly or as a pair.

Holds speaker securely at 820mm High
Perfect for stereo or rear 5.1 speakers surround set-up
Option of spiked feet or domed rubber feet on the base
Powder coated steel Black or white finish to match the SONOS PLAY3.

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