FLEXSON VinylPlay Turntable gives music fans the best-of-both-worlds!

Flexson has taken to the Show-Floor at IFA 2014 in Berlin to announce the launch of VinylPlay, a new digital record player aimed at the “music streaming generation” and designed for simple ‘plug ‘n’ play’ connection to a Sonos multiroom system.

Not only will the turntable be able to play your 33/45rpm records through your Sonos speakers around the home, it can also be used with powered speakers as part of a non-Sonos music system as the turntable has its very own volume control, It also makes digital, back-up copies of your most valuable records via USB.


The FLEXSON VinylPlay Turntable built-in analogue-to-digital converter and phono Pre-Amp makes it simple to connect up to a wide range of modern music systems.

For example, you can plug it straight into active/powered speakers to create an instant system.

FLEXSON VinylPlay Turntable, also works with conventional hi-fi and AV systems and if you want to enjoy your records in every room, you can easily connect it to your SONOS MUSIC SYSTEM.

VinylPlay can be connected directly to a SONOS PLAY5 Speaker, or to a SONOS CONNECT, and onto any other SONOS Speaker on the network.

Unlike inferior ‘USB’ turntables that can damage precious records, FLEXSON VinylPlay uses high-quality components, which also means better-quality sound. The FLEXSON VinylPlay Turntable is a true hi-fi product – precision made in the UK – but with none of the fiddle or fuss of ‘audiophile’ turntables.

VinylPlay is easy to use – a quick-start guide on the platter will have you set up in seconds; you’re only minutes away from music when you open the box! Its sleek, monochrome design – which matches the black and white of SONOS speakers.

Protected and clean by VinylPlay’s clear, hinged lid. VinylPlay is brought to you by Flexson, the British specialist in high-quality accessories for SONOS.

Play, archive and stream your records
Looks good; sounds great
Set up in seconds; enjoy music in minutes
Just add powered speakers for instant music system
Pair with SONOS to stream records around your house
Make back-up, digital copies of precious records
True hi-fi quality, precision made in the UK
Sleek monochrome styling; protective lid

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