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MAGNETIC WHITEBOARD, hard wearing magnetic surface for general use applications.

The Communicate Magnetic Whiteboard. For use with dry wipe pens. Can be mounted landscape or portrait. Aluminium frame, concealed corner mounting supplied with pen tray and fixings.

The magnetic whiteboard is a fantastic item to store things and write important notes on; whether it’s for your kitchen, study or bedroom it’s the ideal item for any busy household. 

Surface guaranteed for 8 years.

  • 4 free coloured magnets with every board.
  • Ideal for all lighter to medium whiteboard writing users.
  • Installation available in Sydney Metro Area.

Code                                Description                 Size (mm)     Price
VB6045:   Communicate  Whiteboard    600 x 450    $46
VB9060:   Communicate Whiteboard    900 x 600    $72
VB9090:   Communicate Whiteboard    900 x 900    $105
VB1290:    Communicate Whiteboard    1200 x 900   $123
VB1212:     Communicate Whiteboard    1200 x 1200  $174
VB1590:   Communicate Whiteboard    1500 x 900    $169
VB1512:    Communicate Whiteboard    1500 x 1200   $203
VB1890:   Communicate Whiteboard    1800 x 900    $189
VB1812:    Communicate Whiteboard    1800 x 1200   $253
VB2112:    Communicate Whiteboard    2100 x 1200    $285
VB2412:   Communicate Whiteboard    2400 x 1200   CALL
VB3012:   Communicate Whiteboard    3000 x 1200  CALL

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VB6045: 600mm x 450mm, VB9060: 900mm x 600mm, VB9090: 900mm x 900mm, VB1290: 1200mm x 900mm, VB1212: 1200mm x 1200mm, VB1590: 1500mm x 900mm, VB1512: 1500mm x 1200mm, VB1890: 1800mm x 900mm, VB1812: 1800mm x 1200mm, VB2112: 2100mm x 1200mm


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