Motorised Articulated TV Wall Mount


  • Future Automation PSE90 offers
  • Quiet Smooth Action with Variable Speed Motion
  • Full Cable Management
  • On-board Electronics
  • Wide Range of Mounting Options


A dedicated Electric Motorised Articulated TV Wall Mount, the Future Automation PSE90 offers full rotation up to 90 degrees in one direction for larger flat screen TVs.

The superbly smooth action, cable management, and neat mounting plate encapsulate the quality of Future Automation design with functionality and look unlike any other TV Mount on the market.

A variety of mount options ensure that individual screens are mounted in the neatest possible way.

Motorised Articulated TV Wall Mount

Available in two different Models, Clockwise and Counter-clockwise.

Model PSE90-CW, turns clockwise or to the LEFT if facing the screen.

Model PSE90-CCW, turns counter-clockwise or to the RIGHT if facing the screen.

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