Panasonic 70″ Full HD LED Display

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Panasonic 70″ Full HD LED Display, model TH-70LF50W Large Screen Professional LCD Display is designed specifically for public spaces. Panasonic’s 70″ E-LED delivers a host of features catering to the demands of the commercial market. Offering a robust design, with no fans, and rated to operate in environments where 24/7 usage is required; this unit is an ideal solution for signage, education and corporate installations. The versatile TH-70LF50W can be installed in both a landscape and portrait orientation, making it the perfect option for promotional signage.

Large-Screen, High-Brightness Display Capable of Displaying Clear Images Even in Bright Places

High 700-cd/m2 Brightness and 5,000:1 Contrast ensure excellent, eye-catching visibility even in large public spaces. This greatly increases the promotional value for signage use.
The large screen format and high brightness of the TH-70LF50W provides up-to-the-minute information, even in the most brightly lit environment.

The fan-less design prevents malfunctions otherwise caused by dust particles brought in by the fan. This enables safe installation in crowded areas. Protective glass which fits inside the bezel, the external dimensions remain virtually the same. The glass protects the LCD panel surface so the display can be installed in busy public areas.

The tough design makes the display panel suitable for use as signage that operates all day and night in places such as restaurants, shopping malls and transportation facilities.

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