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The Panasonic PT-RW330EA Projector uses a LED/Laser-combined light source to change the way you work. The ideal solution for educational institutions, Panasonic’s first lamp free projectors deliver an exciting new standard in professional reliability.

This new light source requires no maintenance for approximately 20,000 hours.1 In many cases, this means no maintenance until your next refresh cycle. Naturally, there are no lamp burnout problems during use, so reliability is further increased. There is also no filter to clean due to carefully engineered sealed optics. As a consequence, running cost is dramatically lowered because of the savings on lamp costs, maintenance labor and hassle of stocking lamps.


Ordinary Projector lamps are not well suited to continuous operation. Because the Panasonic PT-RW330EA Projector does not use a lamp, has an efficient cooling system and uses DLP™ chip that has a long life, they are capable of 24/7 operation.

The new LED/Laser-combined light source in the SOLID SHINE Series projectors provides approximately 20,000 hours of operation with no lamp or filter replacement needed. This dramatically lowers maintenance costs and labor.

The Panasonic PT-RW330EA Projector

with its original design achieves a highly durable and efficient cooling system for it’s new light source, and dust-proof structure. You get stable operation and solid reliability for a long period of time.

Interfaces include HDMI and DVI-I inputs. The serial terminal (RS-232C) has an Emulate function that lets you continue using existing control systems when replacing previous Panasonic models. It is also possible to output audio during STANDBY MODE. This is convenient when connecting an external audio system through the projector. A closed caption decoder is built in.


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