Projector Screen Pulldown RLHT08369W


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Redleaf HT Pulldown Projector Screen

Projector Screen Pulldown RLHT08369W

Great value for money and simplicity of design make these basic pulldown projection screens ideal for educational facilities and corporate use, or an inexpensive starting point for the home theatre enthusiast.

Manual Pull-Down Projection screens are a great solution for people who wish to accommodate a home cinema setup in a room that also gets used for other activities, such as a living room. These screens sit on a roller attached to the wall, ceiling or even hidden with-in, the ceiling and the user manually pull the screen down when needed. Retracting the screen helps to keep it clean and protects the screen material from accidental damage.

Projector Screen Pulldown RLHT08369W: Specifications

  • White Headbox
  • Format: 16:10
  • Surface: Matt White
  • Viewing Area: 1120mm x 1790mm
  • Diagonal: 83″
  • Easy Installation
  • Ceiling or Wall Mountable
  •  12 Months Warranty



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