Sangean DPR-67 Portable Digital Radio


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Sangean DPR-67 Portable Digital Radio

The digital radio network AM and FM stations, both sound better than the analog FM that you are probably listening to now. Digital Radio also offers a heap of additional stations over and above the analog AM and FM ones you’re familiar with.

There are lots of specialist jazz, easy listening and country stations, new and experimental music stations and the occasional pop-up stations.

Lots of station variety means you have more of your favorite music or talk back, so the generous number of presets stations on the Sangean DPR-67 Portable Digital Radio make selecting your favorite stations easy, even when you are on the go.

Sangean DPR-67 Portable Digital Radio

Also have an FM tuner, which is handy if you travel out of the large urban areas where Digital Radio Reception can be an issue.

The Sangean DPR-67 Portable Digital Radio controls are slightly different then what you might be familiar with in the radio you have now. Instead of turning a tuning dial you scroll through a list of stations displayed on the screen to get to the one you want and then press the ”select” button to lock it in.

The lock switch, disabling all the controls, which is a handy idea because the buttons are electronic and can be activated by bumps when the radio is in your pocket or bag.

Carrying comfort is important; The Sangean DPR-67 Portable Digital Radio fit nicely in your hand and not be too heavy.

The Sangean DPR-67 Portable Digital Radio has a larger speaker than most Digital Radios of this size, which adds to the overall sound quality.

COLOURS: White with Blue Trim, White with Red Trim, and White with Silver Grey Trim.

■10 station presets. (5 DAB+, 5 FM)
■ Information display for service data.
■ Manual / Search tuning.
■ Menu – selection of major functions.
■ Easy to read LCD display with backlight.
■ Automatic station search.
■ Clock.
■ Lock switch – avoids accidental operation.
■ Plays on rechargeable and dry-cell batteries.
■ Rechargeable battery facility with charging LED indicator.

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