SONOS CONNECT add to your existing music or home theatre system.

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With the SONOS CONNECT, turn your stereo or home theatre into a music streaming system, all via SONOS wireless connectivity.

If you have an existing stereo or home theater system and you’re looking to add streaming, then the SONOS CONNECT is perfect for your application.

SONOS CONNECT, is incredibly simple to set-up. Once you have used and experienced it, you may want to consider all the other incredible SONOS PRODUCTS.

Which include, the SONOS PLAY:1, SONOS PLAY:3 and SONOS PLAY:5 speakers. Also for your TV and Home Theatre The SONOS PLAYBAR and SONOS SUB.

Your home or work music system has to be reliable. SONOS use their own wireless “MESH” that is ultra reliable and not dependent on or competitive with your other wireless devices.

SONOS still connects to your network, so you can control it with your Wi-Fi equipped Smartphone, iPAD or Computer. It sends audio over the “MESH” network instead of your regular Wi-Fi network, which makes a huge difference in audio quality and reception.


Using a higher-quality wireless connection, free from interference from other Wi-Fi devices. If someone on your network is downloading large files or streaming, it won’t interfere with your music. And since each SONOS speaker or device becomes an extension of the network, SONOS has much more range than what you would get out of a system that works off a single Wi-Fi router.

Stream all the music on earth to your stereo via the SONOS CONNECT.
Wireless, easy to set up music player.

Play alone, or link to other SONOS music players in your home.
Control from anywhere with your smartphone, ipad or tablet.
It takes just a few steps to get your SONOS.

SONOS CONNECT. You will need an internet connection, Wi-Fi router and SONOS BRIDGE. (Bridge optional)

Simply follow the set-up instructions packaged with your SONOS CONNECT.

Once you’ve got it set up, you can add additional SONOS components any time.


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