It used to be that a speaker had to be positioned at ear level for the best acoustics.

Now with Vogel’s wall mounts for Sonos, people can mount their speakers securely at the most convenient spot, in plain view or out of sight, on the wall to achieve the best listening position. With its feather-light movement, the wall mount enables the speaker to be easily tilted up to 30° or turned up to 70° to achieve the right angle for the best sound.

Vogel’s new SOUND wall mounts take up very little space and fit seamlessly with any décor, whether they are placed high or low on a wall.
SOUND 4203 also offers the option to display your speaker either vertically or horizontally to suit the shape of the room.



The Sonos Play3 Mount by Vogels, integrates your Sonos PLAY:3 speaker seamlessly into your interior design by mounting it anywhere on your wall with the Vogel’s SOUND 4203 wall bracket.


Mount the bracket high or low, out of sight or in plain view – the wide turn (70°) and tilt (30° up and down) capacity make sure that you can always angle your speaker to sound best. This low-profile speaker bracket provides secure support for your Sonos PLAY:3 and comes in black or white to match the colour of your speaker.

Installing the bracket perfectly straight is a breeze, thanks to the integrated spirit level.

The Vogel’s wall mount for your Sonos PLAY3 helps you save space while still creating the best listening position. Easily adjust your speaker angle with one hand, and immerse yourself in music like never before. Are you looking for more positioning flexibility, without drilling holes? Vogel’s also offers a floor stand for Sonos PLAY1.

Vogel’s speaker wall mounts and floor stands are also available for Sonos PLAY3 speakers.

Vogels SONOS Play3 Mount

Lock system that secures your SONOS PLAY3
Spirit level for perfect horizontal alignment
Cable-inlay system that conceals the power cable
Available in Black or White

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