SONOS PLAY3 Speaker will fill your room with gorgeous crystal clear sound.

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The SONOS PLAY3 has three speakers and three digital amplifiers in one small and compact unit.

Stream and play all your music from any room wirelessly when the SONOS PLAY3 is connected to a SONOS BOOST (WI-FI) or directly to the router (hard wired Ethernet cable supplied).

Your SONOS PLAY3, can be positioned vertically or horizontally, so it will fit where ever you need it to go.

“The best news about the SONOS PLAY:3, though, is that it sounds much better than its price and size might suggest. Feed it lossless or uncompressed rips from a computer or network-attached storage device and it really shines.


Let Trueplay tune your speaker.

Trueplay Tuning works with your PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5. It just takes a few minutes and an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. And if you’ve already Trueplay tuned your home, you know how easy it is to get spot-on playback of what the artist recorded.

Open your SONOS app.
From the Music menu, choose Settings > Room Settings.
Pick a room.
Select the room where you’ve placed your speaker.
Tap Trueplay Tuning.
Then follow the in-app instructions.
Trueplay Tuning tips.
Keep the noise down.
Shut off appliances. Send the kids and dogs outside.
Move smooth and cover the whole room.
Walk soft. Move in slow motion.
Don’t adjust the volume.
You’ll hear some loud noises, It’s part of the process.
So don’t lower the sound.

Retune as needed.
Use Trueplay anytime you move a speaker.
Or add speakers to your system.


The impressively consistent tonal range, so nothing sticks out more than it should, although it is worth experimenting with the ‘Loudness’ option – close to a wall it will create some boominess, but in free space it’s a great way to get extra weight.

Lay the speaker down horizontally or positioned vertically, an internal sensor detects which position the speaker is in and will switch from stereo mode (horizontal) to mono (vertical).


“It even senses which way it’s orientated and automatically adjusts the EQ for maximum dispersion and the SONOS PLAY3 Speaker will fill a room far better than you might expect.” WHAT HIFI

The SONOS PLAY3 contains three Class-D digital amplifiers and three drivers–one tweeter and two 3-inch mid-range drivers, as well as one passive, rear-firing bass radiator.

The cabinet has volume and mute control and easily fits on a bookshelf, side table, or bedside table. There are now FLEXSON WALL MOUNTING BRACKETS AND STANDS available for the Sonos Play3. The Play3 always remains powered on, but drops to standby mode when not in use. The Sonos Play3 is available in either White or Black.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 30 cm



One Only, Stereo Pair


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