The SONOS PLAY5 Wireless Speaker will fill your room with gorgeous crystal clear sound.
Control with your Smart Phone, iPAD or Computer.
Combine another SONOS PLAY5 for Stereo Sound.

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The SONOS PLAY5 speaker creates it’s own 5GHz wireless mesh network throughout your home, letting you play the same song through-out the house.

You can drive everything from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Also music from your local devices or streaming it from a wide range of subscription services.


The SONOS PLAY5 two side-firing tweeters create a phase array. The tweeters throw a wider sound field, plus they work in sync to complement each other rather than working against each other.

The result is the sweet, full-bodied sound you expect from SONOS, with plenty of low-end BASS punch which rocks the room without clouding the sound or compromising the clear high end.

Let Trueplay tune your speaker.

Trueplay Tuning works with your PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5. It just takes a few minutes and an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. And if you’ve already Trueplay tuned your home, you know how easy it is to get spot-on playback of what the artist recorded.


Open your SONOS app.

From the Music menu, choose Settings  then Room Settings.

Pick a room.

Select the room where you’ve placed your speaker.

Tap Trueplay Tuning.

Then follow the in-app instructions.

Trueplay Tuning tips.

Keep the noise down.
Shut off appliances. Send the kids and dogs outside.
Move smooth and cover the whole room.
Walk soft. Move in slow motion.
Don’t adjust the volume.
You’ll hear some loud noises. It’s part of the process. So don’t lower the sound.

Retune as needed.

Use Trueplay anytime you move a speaker.Or add speakers to your system.


Two SONOS PLAY5 speakers can be used as a stereo pair for an even wider sound stage, delivering the grunt to fill the largest rooms. The SONOS PLAY5 speakers re-calibrate when stood on their sides, to offer a better-defined sweet spot when you’re listening on the couch rather than mingling at a party.

The SONOS PLAY:5 volume and play/pause buttons are now touch-sensitive, adding the ability to swipe to jump to the previous or next track. The buttons also re-calibrate when you stand a speaker on its side. The new speaker is also humidity-proof like the SONOS PLAY:1, in case you want to place it in the bathroom or perhaps near an indoor pool.

The overall sound experience of the SONOS PLAY5​ Speaker is now aided by Trueplay, a new dynamic tuning system that’s coming to the entire SONOS Speaker Range, minus the SONOS PLAYBAR.

Trueplay uses microphones in an iOS device to calibrate the speakers automatically. The high concept is that you can put your SONOS PLAY:5 SPEAKERS anywhere you like, and the SONOS CONTROLLER APP will adjust the power to various frequencies to compensate for the room’s acoustic deficiencies. It’s a simple system for an owner to set up, and helps balance the speakers considerably.

The SONOS PLAY:5 is Available in Black or White.

Extract from “The Australian” 11th November 2015

Wireless home speaker specialist SONOS is today releasing a free software update that allows users to tune the speakers to suit their room in minutes, a process that would usually involve professional help and specialised equipment.

With Trueplay, which is currently only available for iPhones and iPads, the Sonos speakers emit a special tone for 60 seconds, while the user walks around their room and waves the iPhone or iPad slowly up and down.

The software then adjusts the speakers automatically so that they produce great sounding audio even if they’re inside a cupboard, for example. SONOS co-founder Tom Cullen told The Australian in an interview he thought Trueplay would be the biggest thing to happen to audio since surround sound, which was a big deal in itself.

“We want regular people to be able to live more like rockstars,” he said. “Normally you’d have a technician charging 500 dollars for this, wandering around your home for hours. I really think people will be stunned at what’s possible. Mr Cullen said he predicts that for 80 per cent of users or so they will experience a marked improvement in sound even though they use the same speaker they might’ve bought years ago.

“People just get tired of listening to audiophiles spew technical jargon at them but with what we’re doing, all they have to do is wave their phone around and i’tll sound amazing.”

SONOS said Trueplay is compatible with all of its SONOS PLAY: 1 and SONOS PLAY: 3 Wi-Fi speakers, and will be available with both the discontinued PLAY: 5 and its successor which will be available later this month.

“The original PLAY:5 now features Trueplay, so a speaker that was released more than six years ago is going to have its best year yet after it was discontinued,” Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten said.“We believe a great experience is one that also stays current.”

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