Turbosound iQ10 Powered PA Speaker

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Turbosound iQ10 Powered PA Speaker, perfect for situations where you need serious power (2,500W!) but need to be portable.

The Class D power amp facilitates both, giving you all the “oomph” you need while keeping the weight down.

Also inside is built-in DSP, which gives you access to handy tools such as EQ, limiting, and even speaker emulation. Connect the iQ10 to your Ultranet mixer via ethernet and employ this powerful technology and sound quality.

Take the power and flexibility of the Turbosound iQ10 with you with ease!

The Turbosound iQ10 powered PA speaker is a solid solution for any number of situations. It sounds great at low volumes. With 2,500 watts of power tucked away inside, you can fill a large room with sound.

This sound is pumped through a 10″ speaker with a low mass voice coil for excellent transient response. And the titanium dome 1″ high frequency compression driver provides extended high-frequency reproduction for crystal clear sound and now has complete system control through DSP technology.

The Turbosound iQ10 Powered PA Speaker

Now let’s focus on the technological side. The Turbosound iQ10 features Ultranet communications connectivity via standard Cat 5 Ethernet cable.

This allows you to send digital signal to and from your Ultranet equipped mixer for maximum sound quality. If you’re already familiar with Ultranet, then you already know how powerful and easy to use it is.

On top of that, the Turbosound iQ10 Powered PA Speaker includes Klark Teknik digital signal processing, which provides total control over your sound, including extremely cool speaker emulation.

The Turbosound iQ10 has a light weight, solidly build moldered cabinet which is able to be pole mounted. It can also be used as a discrete floor monitor wedge, pumping out enough vocal power for any small to medium pub or club gig.

Powered: Yes.
Power Configuration: Bi-amped.
LF Driver Size: 10″.
HF Driver Size: 1″.
LF Driver Power Amp: 2,500W Peak Class D.
Total Power: 2500W.
Frequency Range: 50Hz-20khz (-10 dB).
Maximum Peak SPL: 124 dB.
Enclosure Material: Composite.
Mounting Options: Pole, Floor Wedge.
Inputs: 2 x XLR.
Outputs: 3 x XLR.
Height: 525.8 mm.
Width: 323.9 mm.
Depth: 316.2 mm.
Weight: 16.5 kg.
Manufacturer Part Number: iQ10.


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