VOGELS NEXT 8365 FULL MOTION TV Mounting Bracket


All-in-one: swivelling wall bracket + built-in sound bar + wireless subwoofer

The SoundMount (NEXT 8365) is a unique wall bracket with built-in sound bar. Use it to optimise your viewing and listening experience with one elegant solution.

This product guarantees impressive sound quality that turns with your TV and makes your films and music come alive.

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The best innovation in the field of TV mounting systems for the future.

Impressive audio that turns with your TV

TVs are becoming thinner and lighter. This is at the expense of the sound quality. This, however, will not be an issue thanks to the SoundMountâ„¢.

This TV bracket combines VOGEL’S high-end swivelling wall support (Vogel’s DesignMount) with an built-in sound bar (including a wireless subwoofer).

You can enjoy the best picture and audio from every place in a room with this.

Apart from the design, which oozes luxury and exclusivity, the NEXT8365 is the new future standard for motorised TV brackets with an integrated soundbar and Optional WirelessSubwoofer.

The NEXT TV Bracket has gathered two renowned design awards: the Red Dot Award and the iF Product Design Award.

If you choose a NEXT bracket, you do not just choose a beautiful bracket, but also the best wall bracket! Intuitive usage and very supple hinges, so you can correct the TV bracket with a single finger.

The cables are invisibly hidden in the fixture, and the Screen Protection System ensures that your valuable TV does not bump into the wall.

VOGELS NEXT 8365 FULL MOTION TV Mounting Bracket

Choosing the Vogels NEXT 8365 FULL MOTION TV Mounting Bracket, is wanting the very best in wall mount technology, design and functionality.

But, let’s be frank, is there any alternative for people like you who want to experience the same excellent and elegant performance with their wall mount as they do with their TV? NEXT is top notch in every detail.

All part of ‘The Quality Signature’ by Vogel’s, giving you the best of: reliability; design; innovation; ease-of-use.

Incredible Home Cinema Sound on a Automated Motorised TV Bracket.

Sound that turns with your TV.
Immersive viewing and listening experience from anywhere in the room.
Control the soundbar with your TV remote.
Wireless Subwoofer that can be placed anywhere.
300 Watt sound output in total.
Suitable for TV’s ranging from 40 to 65 inch (102 -165 cm).
Just install the mount and plug it in.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 20 cm


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