Vogels PFW6852 Large Screen Bracket

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The Vogels PFW6852 Large Screen Bracket is full-articulation swing-out mount for flat-panels up to 136 kg. Typically fits displays larger than 40 inch or displays with a mounting pattern of 225 x 225mm to 985 x 665mm. The Vogels PFW6852 Bracket extends 66 cm. from the wall and allows up to 90° of swivel to both sides. The swing-out arm can be pulled out from the wall and move to the left or right, while providing 10° of tilt.

The PFW6852 Adapter Plates allow the Vogels PFW6852 Large Screen Bracket to mount to accommodate very large flat panel mount patterns. Refer to your flat panel User’s Guide for information regarding mount point distances and patterns.

Vogels PFW6852 Large Screen Bracket

Product Information

Min. screen size (inches) 42

Max. screen size (inches) 90

Max. weight of TV (kg) 136

Interface width (mm) 945

Interface height (mm) 533

Turn 180°

Tilt 10°

Main Color Black

Professional USP’s: VESA fitment min. 225×225 mm, max. 985×665 mm

Extending up to 66 cm

Perfect for recessed installations

3 pivot points

Turn, tilt and reach functions

Guarantee 5 years

Hole pattern (mm) min 225×225 / max 985×665

Max. distance to the wall (mm) 660

Max. horizontal fitment (mm) 985

Max. vertical fitment (mm) 665

maxLoadDisplayInterface (kg) 136

Max. weight load (kg) 136

Min. distance to the wall (mm) 101

Min. horizontal fitment (mm) 225

Min. vertical fitment (mm) 225

Number of pivot points 3

Mounting options Single display


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