Vogels Tablet Car Pack



The Vogels Tablet Car Pack is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping kids entertained in the car on that long trip up north for the Christmas Holidays. No more “are we there yet” from your kids in the back.

Best of all they won’t be fighting over who gets to hold it and you don’t want to worry about it rolling around getting damaged when you are driving.

Vogels designers drew upon their experience developing strong yet flexible wall mounts to create a tablet mount that would work well on the road.

The Vogels Tablet Car Pack mount is easy to securely attach a tablet or iPAD in a comfortable viewing position to the back of your cars headrest.

The Vogels Tablet Car Pack comes with everything you need, including a tablet holder and a car headrest mount.

Vogels Tablet Car Pack

The stylishly designed Vogel’s tablet holder fits all tablets from 7-12 inches (15-22 cm) with a thickness of 0.2-0.5 inches (0.5-1.3 cm). It features Vogel’s RingO mounting technology, which can be easily clicked on to the car mount.

With the TMS 1020 Tablet Car Mount, you can quickly turn the back of your car into a mobile entertainment system.

No tools are needed to install the tablet mount. Simply clip it to your tablet and snap it securely to the mount on the headrest.

Your kids can enjoy their favourite games, movies and apps – plus you don’t need to worry about the tablet falling on the floor.

We created the Vogels Tablet Car Pack to help make the driving hours fly – by either playing a game or watching a movie. The TMS 1020 makes everyone’s trip a lot more fun.

Besides the Tablet Car Pack, you can also enjoy your tablet when you are cooking with our Tablet Flex Mount, while you are relaxing in the tub with our Tablet Wall Mount or to take your navigation system in the car with our Tablet Dashboard Mount.



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