Vogels Tablet Dashboard Pack

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With the Vogels Tablet Dashboard Pack you can take your favourite music and navigation apps on long drives? Worried about your tablet falling on the floor? With their detailed experience, our designers created a tablet mount that would work well on the road while driving. Now you can make your trip more enjoyable by having your tablet securely fixed to your windscreen with our clever tablet mounts and tablet holders. The Tablet Dashboard Pack has everything you need to mount a tablet in the car with a tablet holder and a car dashboard mount.

Vogels Tablet Dashboard Pack

The stylishly designed Vogels Tablet Wall Pack holder fits all tablets from 7-12 inches (15-22 cm) with a thickness of 0.2-0.5 inches (0.5-1.3 cm). It features Vogel’s RingO mounting technology, which can be easily clicked on to the Vogel’s car mount as well.

To have your tablet at your fingertips, but keep it safely out of the way, the Vogels Tablet Dashboard Pack comes with everything you need to attach it securely to your car windscreen. Simply clip the tablet holder to any tablet and snap it securely onto the car dashboard mount. The RingO technology lets you rotate your tablet from landscape to portrait and back again. You don’t have to worry about it falling; even on the bumpiest roads.

The Vogels Tablet Dashboard Pack to make long drives more enjoyable. It’s easy when you can listen to your favourite song or check your navigation system on a tablet in the car.



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