VOGELS THIN 550 TV Mounting Bracket


VOGELS THIN 550 TV Mounting Bracket
You can also create the ultimate home cinema experience for family and friends or make yourself comfortable in bed by mounting your LED/LCD/Plasma TV high on the wall and tilting it forward for a bit of extra luxury.


The THIN 550 full-motion TV bracket has a maximum weight capacity of up to 70 kg. Almost any XL TV, from 40″ to 100″ (102-254 cm), can be mounted flat against the wall with the VOGELS THIN 550 TV Mounting Bracket.

The Vogel’s THIN 550 ExtraThin Full-Motion TV Wall Mount is suitable for 40 to 100 inch televisions with a maximum weight of 70 kg.

The thinnest TV wall mounts of them all

  • Mount your TV as flat against the wall as possible
  • Mount your TV only 5,8 cm from the wall
  • Tilt (up to 20°) to avoid reflections
  • Easily level your TV even after installation
  • Smoothly turn your TV

Thin, full-motion wall mount for large, heavy TVs.

The full-motion THIN also offers you the most flexible turning possibilities, thanks to its very long arms, with a lot of suppleness and elegance. You use the full-motion THIN intuitively, and thanks to the supple hinge the VOGELS THIN 550 TV Mounting Bracket easily reacts to your corrections.

The maximum turning angle is 120° and the max. tilting angle is 20°. The distance from the wall is 58 mm.

VOGELS THIN 550 TV Mounting Bracket

Your TV can turn in any direction even with a large and heavy screen safely mounted on the VOGELS full-motion wall mount.

Mount your TV on the wall with an extra thin THIN full-motion TV bracket for the best view of your TV from anywhere in the room. You simply turn the TV towards you. No more fuss with cables and no more problems and annoying reflections.


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