Vogels Ultra THIN245 TV Mounting Bracket


Vogels Ultra THIN245 TV Mounting Bracket



The Vogels Ultra THIN245 TV Mounting Bracket is Suitable for 26″ – 55″ (66 to 140 cm) screens

Vogels Ultra THIN245 TV Mounting Bracket: Impress your friends and neighbors by mounting your flat screen TV on the THIN245 UltraThin swivel TV wall mount. These swivel TV wall brackets give you the ultimate viewing flexibility for your bedroom, living room, children’s room and kitchen while allowing you to mount your TV as flat against the wall as possible.

With up to 180 degrees (90 degrees left and 90 degrees right) horizontal rotation, and up to 20 degrees tilt, these flat screen wall brackets enhance your guests’ TV viewing pleasure.

Vogels Ultra THIN245 TV Mounting Bracket

don’t miss a single instruction when watching your cooking show by turning your flat screen TV as needed. You can turn it to face the oven while you cook on the hob, or the worktop as you roll out your pastry. Or, in the evening, place your LED/LCD/Plasma TV next to your bed and watch a late night show in comfort.

The Vogels Ultra THIN245 TV Mounting Bracket is almost invisible, when your TV is against the wall, with just 1.4 inches (3,5 cm) of space between the TV and the wall.

The cable inlay system keeps unsightly power leads hidden from view and it only takes a moment to install. The VOGELS LED/LCD/Plasma TV wall mount with the easy level adjustment and drilling template.

The THIN 245 is suitable for 26 to 55 inch (66 to 140 cm) screens with a maximum screen thickness of 2 inches (5 cm). It gives you the ability to extend your TV up to 20 inches (51 cm) from the wall.

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