Vogels WALL2245 TV Bracket


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The Vogels WALL2245 TV Bracket, Supports 32″ – 55″(81-140 cm) TVs, weighing up to 20 kg.

Vogels WALL2245 TV Bracket: The Vogels WALL2245 TV Bracket offers maximum flexibility when watching your flat screen TV.

Turn your TV 180 degrees (90 degrees to the left, 90 degrees to the right) and tilt it 20 degrees. Everyone gets a great view from any spot in the room with the Vogels WALL2245 TV wall mount bracket.

Vogels WALL2245 TV Bracket

With the WALL 2245 you can mount your TV around a corner or tuck it away in a closet or niche until you’re ready to view it. The cable clip draws attention away from unsightly wires, while the easy-click tilt system lets you mount your screen high on the wall.

Worried you can’t install your TV picture-perfect on the wall? With the convenient adjust level, you can be sure that your TV is perfectly horizontal for maximum viewing pleasure and the sturdy design allows it to support 32-55 inch (81-140 cm) TVs weighing up to 20 kg.

This stylish black wall bracket also enables you to extend your TV up to 54 cm (21.1 inches) from the wall. Enjoy your TV with your friends and family with the VOGELS WALL 2245 swivel TV wall mount.

The Vogels WALL2245 TV Bracket is available either in Black or White.

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