Wharfedale Diamond 10.6 Floorstanding Speakers

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Visually, the Diamond 10.6 looks as pretty as it sounds. The elegantly curved cabinets and gorgeous finishes give the speakers an artistic presence. Plus, the 10.6 is effortless to use. On the back, un-like many speakers whose parallel terminals cause problems with or outright prevent connections with thick cables, the 10.6 boasts offset bi-wire terminals that ensure the best-possible connectivity and allow for a wide range of options.


•Cast aluminum ports, binding post and Tweeter frame for fit and finish at this price point
•Tweeter, Midrange and ports are “locked” together stiffening the front baffle
•Cast aluminum frames for all drivers reduces resonance, improves power handling
•Open back driver design for zero back-wave bleed through the cone
•Kevlar cones for highest stiffness to mass ratio, unheard of at this price point
•Low reflection MSBR surrounds with increased linear driver excursion, improves dynamics and isolates reflections
•Tweeter gets neodymium magnet for high power and ultimate control
•Polypropylene Capacitors on tweeter crossover for silky smooth highs
•Curved side panels reduce panel flex and cancel internal standing waves
•¾” MDF enclosure for solid impact and dynamics
•Full internal cross-bracing for reduced enclosure vibration
•Poly-fill stuffed enclosures improve bass and midrange performance

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