Wharfedale’s Diamond series. When it comes to raw performance, these come with a few surprises.
Diamond 220 from Wharfedale bring a massive, yet refined image.

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WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 220 Speakers, continuing an Illustrious Tradition.

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND SERIES reigns as one of the most successful hi-fi loudspeaker lines in history. Earning worldwide accolades for delivering award-winning sound at prices everyone can afford, for Wharfedale Speakers.

Since its debut in 1982, WHARFEDALE DIAMOND models have subscribed to the principle that stellar performance bringing more listeners closer to the music they love.

Adhering to that brilliant heritage. Diamond 200 Series reveals entirely new levels of musical detail and transient attack.


The Wharfedale Diamond 220 Speakers, are the successor to the Diamond 121 model. The Diamond 220 bookshelf speakers stack-up to the usual high standards of Wharfedale but with even greater refinement.

The Wharfedale Diamond 220s now feature a cabinet within a cabinet style construction. Two layers of MDF being separated by particleboard.

This reduces the usual levels of resonance involved with typical cabinet construction for a cleaner sound. Additionally, the crossovers have been refined for greater integration between drivers.

The bass port remains at the foot of the speaker, in between the cabinet and the plinth on which it sits. Using the ‘Slot Loaded Distributed Port’, it allows for a smoother air transition, reducing distortion at lower frequency levels.

This also gives greater scope for positioning within small to medium sized rooms as the Diamond 220s can be placed as close as 50mm away from your wall without impairing the performance.

The up-graded Wharfedale Diamond 220 Speakers include the integration of a stronger and more anti-resonant cabinet material.

The cabinet, utilising particleboard sandwiched between MDF (as opposed to chipboard + MDF found with the older 121’s cabinet). This means that the vinyl wrap of the speaker unit can be applied to the speaker more easily.

This results in an improved finish, this applies to all Wharfedale Speakers..

The sonic integrity and capability of the speaker has also been improved, thanks to an upgraded crossover network and bass motor system. While the new slot-loaded port provides an even stronger level of sonic detail.

“The sound is open and clear. Diamond 220 doesn’t call attention to itself. ..Nothing about the sound distracted me.”
– Steve Guttenberg, CNET

“Wonderfully balanced and informative sound.”
– What Hi-Fi?, Best Stereo Speaker Under $500 Award and five-star review

Aesthetically, a high gloss finish with superior MDF outer enhances the look and feel of the cabinet, making the modest price tag of the Diamond 220s even more astonishing.

Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers deliver the usual high standard of both looks and sonic performance expected from the great Wharfedale company for over eighty years.

They just keep getting better and better with every new series, the Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers are no exception.


With a ‘Slot Loaded Distributed Port’, it allows for a smoother transition between the air pressure within the unit and the air pressure externally, which also gives greater scope for room positioning.

The attractive speakers come in either Black, White, Rosewood and Walnut.

Bass port: Bottom Slot-Loaded Distributed Port.
Bi-wireable: Yes.
Connections: 4mm banana plug/Binding posts.
Crossover frequency: (kHz)
2 Drivers HF: 25mm soft dome; LF: 130mm woven Kevlar cone.
Frequency response: (Hz) 50 – 20,000 Nominal.
Impedance: (ohms) 8.
Power handling: (watts) 25 – 100.
Sensitivity: (dB) 86.
Dimensions: W x H x D (mm) 174 x 315 x 225.
Weight: (kg) 5.3. (each)
Finishes: Black, White, Rosewood and Walnut

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