Wharfedale SW-150 Sub


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The Wharfedale SW-150 Sub represents the state-of-the-art in home cinema subwoofers.

With large drivers and powerful amplifier, the SUB is able to reproduce the true dynamics and scale of the original recording without compromise.

The cabinet is designed to significantly increases the overall rigidity of the cabinet, reducing resonance and overhang to almost negligible levels.

An advanced microprocessor controlled filter section of the Wharfedale SW-150 Sub preserves optimum signal purity, whilst offering the consumer the best possible user interface.

Advanced cone diaphragm, the new KEVLAR cones introduced on all the SW-models are marvels of materials technology and application. Although huge, they remain completely controlled at all times.

Wharfedale SW-150 Sub

A sealed enclosure on the Wharfedale SW150 Sub, offers improved control.

It significantly reduces the ‘group delay’ effect – essentially interference patterns between the moving air from the port and from the driver, but also provides better driver damping- tightening bass and further reduces overhang.

The damping and extended voice-coil is completely controlled even under extreme dynamics, the advanced voice coils allow the cone to travel to the full 24 mm maximum excursion with a truly linear pistonic motion.

The Class AB amplifier has been specifically designed for Wharfedale SW150 SUB.

Very low distortion, exceptional headroom, and a high internal electrical damping factor provide accurate control of the speaker, for performance well above the specification.

Advanced subwoofer processing / filter system.

All subs use an advanced microprocessor controlled analogue low-pass filter section for sonic performance with a low noise floor.

It is possible to switch all filters off if used in a high quality AV system.



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