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The NEW Wharfedale Vista-100 Soundbar has astonishing sound and build quality at a truly amazing price.

All Wharfedale Vista-100 Soundbar, uses Sonic Motion Absolute 3D Technology. This ensures that the sound produced is of the highest fidelity, and is projected with a holographic sound-stage. The Wharfedale Vista-100 Soundbar is capable of rivaling full-sized speaker systems.

The Wharfedale Vista-100 Soundbar

is an ideal alternative to full-sized 5.1 surround sound systems, for those who don’t want bulky loudspeakers and unsightly cables clogging up their living rooms. Slim and compact, the Vista 100 will fit under most flat screen TVs, complimenting their aesthetic and discreetly delivering stunning sound.

Extremely compact at less than one meter in width, the Wharfedale Vista-100 Soundbar is equipped for table or wall mounting. The Vista 100 is fully plug and play, and just needs to be connected to a TV to deliver high performance sound. Wharfedale’s proprietary Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D technology delivers staggeringly wide sound-stage and sweet spots, ensuring that you will experience the Vista 100 in all its glory regardless of seating position.

An impressive 60 Watt amplifier powers the unit. The amplifier drives six neodymium speakers, which are capable of delivering dynamic and powerful full range sound without needing an external sub-woofer.

Bluetooth Functionality

The Vista 100 already removes the need for trailing wires and bulky hi-fi products. However, it goes one step further in adding the convenience of internal Bluetooth, as well as its four wired inputs. Which allows the user to connect Bluetooth enabled products. This enables you to control and playback any music or sound from a Bluetooth device, all from the comfort of your sofa. Whatever method chosen, the new Wharfedale Vista-100 Soundbar, offers a massive leap in the sound quality available from the device’s built-in speaker.

As well as the convenience of Bluetooth. The Wharfedale Vista-100 Soundbar, features a handy remote control which provides remote access to all functions, as well as a choice of four EQ modes.


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