Vogels Sonos PLAY1 Mounting Stand

Sonos PLAY1 Vogels Speaker Stand

Review for Vogels Sonos PLAY:1 Speaker Stand

Sonos PLAY1 Vogels Speaker Stand improve the sound and look of the Sonos PLAY: Speaker in any location. The stands elevate the Sonos PLAY:1 Speakers to an ideal listening height when sitting in your favorite chair. When used in a Sonos Surround Sound set-up at the rear of the room, the speakers are at around your head level when in a sitting position, which is were you want them for maximum effect.

The stands can easily be moved around the room or to another room in the house with the PLAY:1 speaker attached. Just unplug the power cord, which is neatly concealed in the stand and move to the new location and plug back in to a power point.

The Sonos PLAY1 Vogels Speaker Stand is sold individually, come in either Black or White and are easy to assemble and securely connect your PLAY:1 Speaker.