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Large LED Screens for Hire

Large LED Display Screen

CSV audiovisual have teamed up with MegaLed Technology, one of the largest LED Screen
manufacturer in China. We now can offer our customers the latest range of Large LED
Screen Displays, either for permanent installations or for hire in the Sydney Region.

Screen sizes start from 1mts x 2mts all the way up to 3mts x 7mts. LED Displays are now
becoming more affordable for large signage, display boards, video screens and corporate
event media.

Large LED Display Screens offer the most eye-catching of all display media. They are super bright, have rich colours and present striking visuals, especially in locations that have traditional static signage displays, LED Displays really create impact.

LED or “Light Emitting Diode” is a “Semi-Conductor” are coated in plastic to form small bulbs. The plastic bulb, or shells acts as a diffusing lens, allowing light to be emitted at a much higher angle of incidence from the light cone than the bare “Semi-Conductor” chip is able to emit alone. The LED emits light when a suitable voltage is applied to it. The energy is released in the form of Photons, this is called “electroluminescence”, the colour of the light emitted from the diode equates to the amount of energy released by the photons.


LED Panels Front and Rear


Early LED’s were often used as indicator lights “ON” or “STAND-BY” for electronic devices, replacing small incandescent bulbs, which were usually bigger and prone to breakage.

Large LED Display Screens

Today’s LED Screens are light-weight but robust and use very little electrical power, making them extremely economical, even when used 24/7. Each LED globe has a life of around 100,000 hours offering years and years of daily use.

Large LED Screen Displays don’t start out that way. Large screens are built-up from smaller sections and slot together to form any size screen you want in the required location.

LED Screen are now used for signage at Sporting Events, Video Screens in Stadiums, Road-Side Displays, Big Concert Venues, Horse Race Tracks, the applications for Large LED Screen Displays are now endless.

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