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VOGELS WALL3245 TV Mounting Bracket

Pro Installer Tip for Installing Vogels TV Bracket

Pro Installer Tip for Installing Vogel’s TV Bracket.

When purchasing and installing a new TV wall bracket, take into consideration your AV inter-connect cables and the length of cables you will need.

Modern flat screen TVs these days only come with a short power cable. We find when mounting TVs on the wall that the supplied power cord is useless, unless the power point is behind or near, to where the TV is to be mounted.

Remember that when purchasing a swing-out style bracket, like the Vogel’s THIN345, you may need to include a new longer power cord of at least 3 or 5 meters for your TV. The longer cord will allow the bracket to extend with-out damaging or disconnecting the cord.

Now the same goes for the AV interconnect cables. Make sure that they too are long enough to complete the job, professionally.
You may not be able to use your existing AV cables if your TV was mounted on a cabinet, with your DVD Play, Foxtel Box, etc, near-by to your TV.

Another common mistake we see is; mounting of the TV too high on the wall. We suggest that you sit on your couch and determine the optimum height of the TV, don’t judge the height whilst standing. Also installing a TV above a fireplace or heater, is probably not the best location.

This will shorten the life of your expensive TV, because as you know, heat rises and with a TV being directly over a heating device, the electronics with-in the television will “cook” over time, making circuit boards brittle and components unstable, which will make them prone to failure.

Vogels TV Mounting Bracket. Buy from CSV audiovisual in Alexandria

Vogel’s TV Mounting Bracket Specialist

Vogel’s TV Mounting Bracket Specialist

CSV audiovisual are Vogel’s AV Bracket and Mounts Specialist.

We have been selling and installing Quality Vogel’s Brackets for over twelve years.
Over that time we have seen Vogel’s continued innovation and commitment to AV mounting solutions. Pro Installer TIP

With the introduction of flat screen televisions over the last fifteen years, Vogel’s have been constantly developing more innovative and user friendly brackets for all situations. Their new THIN Series takes into account the new HD LED Screen technology which is producing thinner and thinner TV screens.

Vogel’s brackets are manufactured to exacting specifications and engineered to last. We have seen at first hand what can happen when a cheap TV bracket is used to install a TV, especially a swing-out style bracket. We have witness these cheap and nasty brackets bend and flex under the weight of the television, I have even seen brackets move and sway from the air from an air conditioning unit. How you could watch the TV while the screen is moving about is beyond me.

If you want a solid, trouble free TV mounting solution, I can highly recommend Vogel’s AV Bracket and Mounts, It’s what we Professional use.